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Oswego TAG Advisors

Oswego TAG Advisors are passionate about teaching, learning, and exploring our world.  They realize the value of travel and understand how transforming the experience is for students! 

Heather Stanich

Oswego East High School

Fine Arts teacher - Visual Arts

Heather Stanich was bitten by the travel bug early in life, but did not have many opportunities to travel abroad while she was growing up.  In 2008, she began collaboratingwith EF to give area high school students an opportunity to see the world.  Since then, she has lead six trips with EF.  Heather believes any student that has thedesire to travel can learn a great deal about the world and themselves from taking an educational tour, no matter whatthe tour's curriculum covers.  Now a seasoned traveler, she has journeyed to Ireland, Wales, London, Paris, Milan, Florence, Rome, Berlin, Barecelona, Madrid, Dominican Republic and Greece. She delights in watching students become more aware travelers and develop undependent through the experience.  Heather has been a public school educator for fifteen years in the Oswego school district.  Currently, Heather is the Fine Arts Department Chair at Oswego East, both leading the department and teaching art classes.

Anna Hog

Oswego & Oswego East High School

World Languages teacher – German

Travel has been an important part of Anna's life.  As a German-American citizen, she grew up in both Germany and America. Learning new cultures and languages has opened so many possibilities for her, and she wants to share that with her students. Since 2002, Anna has guided American students through the streets of German speaking countries seven times. We have traveled German, Switzerland, Austria, France, and Belgium. Teaching and traveling are so rewarding, we watch our students grow and learn to appreciate new experiences, cultures and ways of thinking. Traveling creates a global connection to the school material, but it also gives them global skills and a larger vision for their future.

Peter Conrad

Oswego East High School

English teacher


Jennifer Ash

Oswego High School

Social Studies teacher

Mike Curtis

Oswego East High School

English Teacher

Mr. Curtis has been with MinookaTAP since the beginning.  Since Germany was the first trip he took, it is still one of his favorites, although seeing all of the Minooka students get up on stage in a Greek dinner theater and try to follow along with the Greek dancers was one of the funniest things he’s ever seen.  Even though he’s seen some amazing stuff, the real cultural experiences have been his favorites – the Greek theatre, music night in the Irish pub, singing along with the musicians in Munich, Germany, seeing a Japanese baseball game, watching Spanish Flamenco dancers, Shakespeare’s theatre, the Czech black light theatre and getting to know people from the other side of the world – like our tour directors – Bernhardt (Germany), Elaini (Greece), Juanito (Spain), Miss K (Japan), Lorna (Ireland and England), Tristan (France), Robert (China), Gloria (Rome), and Michael (Poland). While Mr. Curtis loves sharing the world with students, the thing he really can’t wait for is his three sons being old enough to experience a TAP trip.  “When I see one of my students in awe looking at the Sistine Chapel, or with a huge smile on their face as we learn a foreign dance, or with a tear in their eye as we walk through a Nazi concentration camp – all I can think is – ‘we got this kid, we changed them.’  When we have one of those moments, all I want to do is go home, gather up more kids, including my own, and share that moment with them.”


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